10 links for Python Beginners

I am a beginner in Python programming language.  Going through various links has helped me quite a bit in picking up this awesome language.  In this article, I am listing 101 links of tutorials and other helpful links that is helping me in learning the language.

  1. Learn Python The Hard Way
  2. Python For Beginners
  3. Beginner’s Python Tutorial
  4. Hands-On Python A Tutorial Introduction for Beginners
  5. Python for Beginners by Alex Bowers
  6. Intro to Python 101 For Beginners
  7. Python tutorial for beginners
  8. Python: Introduction for Absolute Beginners
  9. BeginnersGuide/Programmers
  10. Beginning Python Programming - Python Tutorials for Beginners

My first program!

I don’t have a programming background and this is my first real language that I am picking up and trying to stay focus on.  Of course, it’s not saying much starting out with the typical “Hello World!” but hey! there is a starting point and a first step to everything.  So here we go…my first python program ever!


# Hello world python program
print "Hello World!";

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